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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure policy. My family is really, really big on Bible quizzes, puzzles and games.

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I created this game many, many years back and we have been enjoying it ever since. Can you believe it, my parents, are the biggest fans! They are always asking to play.

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My father is really good at Bible Trivia, as is my mother. You need a leader and scorekeeper. This way they are still a part of the fun. Divide everyone into equal teams. Or if you have 12 people, 3 groups of 4 is better than 2 groups of 6. The least we have played with is 6 and that worked out just fine, 2 groups of 3. To start the game, the leader thinks of a number and writes it down on a small piece of paper from 1 through Each team then writes down their guess.

Each teammate will take a turn in each round.

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So say we have 9 players 3 groups of 3 in a group. First time around, player 1 will go in group 1. Then player 1 in group 2 and finally player 1 in group three. Then the remaining players. The lesser the number, the easier the question. With being the easiest and most challenging.Toggle navigation. Help Preferences Sign up Log in. Featured Presentations.

What is the story of Finding Jesus in the Temple? Bible Jeopardy Losing My Religion Title: Jeopardy Author: Amanda K. Jeopardy - Click to begin. Jeopardy - Jeopardy. Jeopardy - The event in which the Hebrews were led out of slavery and of Egypt by Moses These are the first five books of the bible: Genesis, Exodus, The event in which the Hebrews were led out of slavery and of Egypt by Moses Blank Jeopardy - Church corruption Intellectual and social Reforms Principle beliefs in different religions Corruption in the Catholic Church 1 pt 1 pt 1pt 1 pt 1pt 2 pt.

Church corruption Intellectual and social Reforms Principle beliefs in different religions Corruption in the Catholic Church 1 pt 1 pt 1pt 1 pt 1pt 2 pt. Rodney K. Duke Last modified by: Duke, Rodney K. Turkish Straits This conflict caused the break-up of Blank Jeopardy Constantinople This body of water marks the dividing line between Europe and Asia in Turkey.

Jeopardy Review: - What 3 things does the Holy Spirit do in our lives that gives us greater assurance of our salvation? Rom ; John ; Gal for each, for What 3 things does the Holy Spirit do in our lives that gives us greater assurance of our salvation? Myth Jeopardy 1 - Myth Jeopardy 1 Gods Goddesses Myths Potpourri Humans and Non-deities Myth Jeopardy 1 Gods Goddesses Myths Potpourri Humans and Non-deities Potpourri Where is Toby's Mom? Where does Toby's mom work?

Who is the only Mexican guy to attend Antler Junior High?Bible trivia issues and Christian game titles versus the Refreshing and Aged Testomony! Printable Bible Jeopardy Activity. Go to. Explore suggestions over Youth Video games.


Bible Jeopardy is a entertaining trivia activity for little ones and grown ups. We assemble this Fantastic impression towards lots of methods and decide the least difficult for on your own. Jeopardy is a quiz match layout that can be performed with any style of quiz and bible jeopardy template pattern is extremely outstanding at present.

Printable Bible trivia queries are Excellent in direction of contain upon hand in the course of relatives evenings both at residence or your neighborhood church, or in the course of a faith or Sunday college or university cl. Precisely print them out and document them absent for that distinctive collecting.

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Resource 2: printable bible jeopardy issues and methods. Those people printable Bible quizzes can be therefore insightful for Sunday College cl, for Bible Review or for a Family members Evening alongside one another.

Bear in mind, on your own can print possibly the inquiries or the options or both of those. If oneself want, your self can test an interactive Bible quiz for little ones or quiz for youth. Printable Bible Trivia Inquiries The trivia issues upon this web page correspond towards the Bible Trivia Activity There are 1, printable Bible trivia queries and remedies below.

Bible Jeopardy Template. Printable Bible Jeopardy — Small children Bible. Printable Bible Trivia Thoughts and Methods. Bible Jeopardy 6. No cost Xmas Bible Trivia Printable xmas game titles. Bible Jeopardy Recreation. Bible Trivia Online games — Cost-free. Bible jeopardy software package down load.

Moms Working day Trivia — Totally free Printable —. Bible Trivia Concerns Relating to Gals. Printable Bible Game titles. Bible analyze online games quizzes. Printable bible quiz a number of conclusion Obtain them or print. Gateway bible exploration trivia.

Bible Trivia Video game. Youths bible quiz. Printable Tv set Trivia. Spiritual Relatives Xmas Bash Strategies.With this many loaves of bread and this many fish, Jesus fed this many people 3 Part Answer.

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The fruit of the vine and unleavened bread represent this during the Lord's Supper. This man was a Nazirite known for his God-given strength and dealings with the Philistines. David's son who temporarily usurped David's kingship and died while suspended in a tree. It extended from Friday sunset until Saturday sunset. Board 2. Previous Board Next Board. Bible Geography. This place is called "Zion" and "the city of David". Reveal Answer Where is Jerusalem.

Reveal Answer Where is the Red Sea. Reveal Answer Where is Nazereth. Reveal Answer Where is Judea. Reveal Answer Where is Beersheba. This is the last book in the New Testament. Reveal Answer What is Revelation. Reveal Answer What are the sections or divisions of the Old Testament. Reveal Answer What is Jonah. The 1st book after the Law section of the Bible. Reveal Answer Joshua. Reveal Answer Who is Jesus? All who look to the Son and believe in him will have this. Reveal Answer What is eternal life.

Intrepid Bible Jeopardy Printable

Reveal Answer Who is Lazurus.Now, you can download printable Bible quiz from these free websites. The bible quiz can be very helpful to test your Bible knowledge. These quizzes can be based on different moral subject topics including old and new testaments. Moreover, you can circulate these printed quiz sheets to preschool students. Doing so, you can teach kids Bible lessons in a fun way. The quiz sheets cover several topics such as new testaments, women in the old testament, death and the resurrection of Jesus, the creation, Easter Bible, Noah, and the Ark and many more.

All you need to do is select a topic and download the printable sheets.

bible trivia 2 jeopardy template

The quiz sheet includes questions with options based on the Bible. Bible Quizzes is the website from where you can download printable Bible quiz. The site has the main subject of the Bible only. It offers the Bible quiz, Bible puzzles, Sunday church lessons, and other Bible study.

You will find a section, particularly for the quiz. The site offers more than topics related to the holy bible. You can open any topic in order to see a quiz sheet. Each sheet is set with the 20 questions based on the selected topic and four options including the correct answer. Below the sheet, you will find an option Printable Version. After then, you will get a link which you can click to view PDF.

Then, you can download the file and take prints. Religion Resources Online is another website from where you can find printable Bible quiz. The site enables you to read about religions playing quizzes. On this website, you will find Bible quiz for all ages. Here, you can select an interactive quiz for kids and youth.

Also, you create a quiz based on the Bible. Or, you can open printable Bible quizzes.Create your own jeopardy game without powerpoint for free - here. Show Question.

bible trivia 2 jeopardy template

He is the man who went from persecuting Christians to becoming one himself. For that is the whole obligation of man. This man was falsely accused of stealing an Egyptian cup; younger brother of Judah.

For a change, thrust out your hand, please, and touch as far as his bone and his flesh and see whether he will not curse you to your very face. Jehovah raised these men to,"save them Israel out of the hand of their pillagers. But as for eating of the fruit of the tree that is in the middle of the garden, God has said 'You must not eat from it, no, you must not touch it that you do not die.

Bible Jeopardy Press F11 for full screen mode How many teams are playing? No Scoring 1 team 2 teams 3 teams 4 teams members only 5 teams members only 6 teams members only 7 teams members only 8 teams members only 9 teams members only 10 teams members only 11 teams members only 12 teams members only 13 teams members only 14 teams members only 15 teams members only Time given to answer each question?

This place is where you would see the first lie. Writing covers "In the beginning" to Isaiah; Ezekiel; Daniel. This is where you would see Joshua writing The Book of Joshua. This is the first completed book written by Paul. Andrew; James; Matthew. Matthew wrote his gospel in this area. This book was written in Patmos by the Apostle John. David; Josiah; Zedekiah.

bible trivia 2 jeopardy template

This man killed all boys under age 2 in Bethlehem. David had to capture this place after Saul died. This book was completed in 61 C. Shem; Ham; Japheth. A body of water; what prevents me from getting baptized? This man was healed of leprosy after obeying God's direction. This book was complete in B. Books of Haggai; Zechariah; Malachi.In this town, Jesus drove an evil spirit out of a man who called him the Holy One of God. This book precedes Matthew and follows Zechariah; it's the last book in the Minor Prophets.

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This prophet was called by the Lord as a boy and anointed Saul as Israel's first king. Board 3. Previous Board Next Board. Bible Geography. Reveal Answer Where is Egypt. Reveal Answer Where is Galilee. Reveal Answer Where is the Jordan River.

Reveal Answer Where is Capernaum. Jesus met the woman at Jacob's well in this town.

bible trivia 2 jeopardy template

Reveal Answer Where is Sychar. Reveal Answer What is the Book of Malachi. There are this many books in the Bible.

Bible Jeopardy PowerPoint PPT Presentations

Reveal Answer What is 66 books. This Old Testament book prophesied the virgin birth of Immanuel. Reveal Answer What is the Book of Isaiah. On this day, Jesus rose from the dead. Reveal Answer What is on the third day.

In memory of Jesus we give thanks in this way. Reveal Answer What is the Lord's Supper. First town in which Jesus began his ministry and was rejected. Reveal Answer Where is Nazereth. Age at which Jesus started his ministry.

Reveal Answer What is 30 years of age. Jesus perfomed this miracle on the Sabbath. Reveal Answer What is healing the man who was born blind.

These men came from the East to worship Jesus after he was born.

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